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Melon Man – Licence to thrill
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David Loh is a Malaysia-born and internationally trained chef and food artist. Based in Birmingham, UK, David is a highly regarded chef who has worked at many of the finest Asian restaurants in the city producing a unique range of his own dishes which combine Cantonese, Singaporean and Malaysian flavours. His passion for food has also led him to perfect the ancient art of fruit and vegetable carving. Super fast Master Sculptor, watermelon changes to be Jielun, one of the most famous star in China. In 22nd August, with the labour government of Xinbei city, international fruit carving academic exchange event was held at Zhuang Jing Gao Zhi, David Loh, who is the fastest fruit master sculptor in the world and Italian Cartoon master sculptor Paolo Pachetti were invited to participate the event and do live show, their clear and incredible kung fu of playing with various of knives, special creative works. Great surprises were given to the students with their wonderful performance. David Loh, also suggests the students that never to be scare making mistakes, the most important is never give up, you will be successful by more practice and grow up from your mistakes.